Super Mario 3D Land
Super Mario 3D Land is a 3DS game as a "sequel" of Super Mario Galaxy 2. Most people call it Super Mario Galaxy 3 because of the star medals and 3d graphics. Boom Boom (from Super Mario Bros. 3) returns along with a new counterpart, Pom Pom. Like Super Mario Bros., there are Fake Bowsers. A sequel of it and Super Mario Bros. 2 is coming up, Super Mario 3D World.


Outside Peach's Castle, there is a tree filled with Tanooki leaves. One night, a storm hits the tree blowing the leaves off. The next morning, Peach goes to investigate and Bowser kidnaps her. Mario and three toads go outside to find the Princess but Bowser leaves a note saying Peach has been kidnapped. Mario and the three toads set out for her.

After a Fake Bowser is defeated, another note comes by saying that Bowser has ordered his minions to be fake Bowsers and to attack Mario.

After Boom Boom is defeated, Bowser will declare that he has ordered minions to rule airships with Boom Boom and that he has captured Peach in the airships.

After Boom Boom is defeated again, Peach will be on the Castle waiting for Mario.

After Pom Pom is defeated, Peach will be confronted by many of Bowser's enemies.

After Fake Bowser is defeated again, Peach whacked all the goombas that confronted her with her umbrella.

After Pom Pom is defeated again, Peach will attempt to escape Bowser but is kidnapped by Bowser's minions.

After Boom Boom and Pom Pom are defeated, Bowser will reveal that he has captured Peach inside a cage.

After Peach is saved, Mario and Peach will sit in the tree filled with Tanooki leaves together. After that, Luigi sends a letter saying that he is now a prisoner of Dry Bowser.

After Dry Bowser is defeated, Luigi is a playable character.

After completing Special 8, Bowser will reveal that he has kidnapped Peach once more.

After saving Peach with Luigi, Luigi and Peach will sit in the tree filled with Tanooki leaves together. After that, Peach tries on a Tanooki suit which surprises many Toads.


World 1: Mushroom KingdomEdit

World 2: The PlainEdit

World 3: The SeaEdit

World 4: The JungleEdit

World 5: The DesertEdit

World 6: The SkyEdit

World 7: The NightEdit

World 8: Bowser's CastleEdit

Special 1: Pipe LandEdit

Special 2: The HillsEdit

Special 3: The ForestEdit

Special 4: Mushroom LandEdit

Special 5: Sandy DesertEdit

Special 6: The CloudsEdit

Special 7: Block LandEdit

Special 8: Golden Mushroom KingdomEdit



  • Mario
  • Luigi (after defeating Dry Bowser in Special 1)


  • Peach
  • Red Toad
  • Yellow Toad
  • Blue Toad
  • Tanooki Toad


  • Bowser (World 8)
  • Fake Bowser (World 1, World 5)
  • Boom Boom (World 2, World 3, World 7, Special 8-Crown)
  • Pom Pom (World 4, World 6, World 7, Special 8-Crown)
  • Dry Bowser (Special 1, Special 5, Special 8)