Heroes Story is the Story of the four heroes in the Story Mode of Mario and Sonic 2012. This is one of the stories in the Story Mode.


Mario & Luigi's StoryEdit

Sonic & Tails's StoryEdit

The Heroes in the LibraryEdit

After the Heroes all meet together, the Library is also covered in fog. There are a set of imposters who prepare to battle the four heroes and Toad. The four heroes defeat imposters and they run into Dr. Eggman Nega who blocks them from going into the Library. Dr. Eggman Nega is later defeated in a match and runs off. The heroes also find Charmy & Espio who tag along. They then destroy the Fog Machine and go inside the Library. Tails finds out that 300 years ago, a legendary pirate named William Kidd had stolen a Fog Machine.

The Heroes in StonehedgeEdit

After everybody reveals to the Heroes that their places are cleared off, they head to Stonehedge with E123omega. They run into Lakitu who tells them that a Magikoopa is nearby. The Magikoopa challenges them to a race which he flies off after being defeated. Then they find Cat who has been lost in Stonehedge. Then they help Cat find his direction and take off to Big Ben.

The Grand ShowdownEdit

After arriving in Big Ben, everybody reveals that they are now okay. They run into a foggy Bowser & Eggman who reveals that they have upgraded themselves. Mario & Sonic battle Bowser & Eggman and defeat them. Sonic breaks the machine holding the Fog Container. Mario uses the Container to capture all the Fog. Bowser & Eggman are then upset they couldn't go. Toad reveals that the invitations weren't sent yet and they are on the list and they have to go to the Stadium. When they arrive in the Stadium, Mario and Sonic start the Olympic Games.