Hero's Bow

Link releasing his arrow from the Hero's Bow.

Toon Link Bow

Toon Link, shortly before releasing his arrow out of the Hero's Bow.

Hero's Bow is Link and Toon Link's Standard Special Move in Super Smash Bros. Melee and Super Smash Bros. Brawl.


Effects and MovesEdit

The Hero's Bow seems to be strong but weak at the same time. It cannot be controlled where to shoot although it is aimed for the direction Link is facing. The player is allowed to charge the shot. Unlike Pit, it cannot be controlled after it is released and also it cannot shoot upwards. Also, the gravity will push the slow bow down making it mostly land on the ground.

Causes and DamagesEdit

The Hero's Bow seems to act strong but it is not. The only powerful things it does is Push the Opponent Back and Stop an Opponent. It only gives 1 to 3% damage like Mario's Fireballs.

Toon LinkEdit

Effects and MovesEdit

Like Link, the Hero's Bow is extremely weak. However, Toon Link's bow seems to go faster and it tends to stay in the air longer instead of dropping. After releasing, he control the arrow a bit better than Link. Due to his small size and his powerful power, his bow seems to go in a straight direction.

Causes and DamagesEdit

Unlike Link, Toon Link's Hero Bow pushes an Opponent back even farther. Although like Luigi's fireballs, it only gives 3 to 5% damage and it pushes the opponent back like Link.