Tea party

Peach, Fox, and Shiek having a tea party during the Invasion of Halberd.

 Battleship Halberd Exterior is the twenty-fourth stage of the Subspace Emissary Story. It is unlocked by completing Battleship Halberd Interior. After the Entrance to Subspace is played, this stage is locked until the first part of Subspace is completed.



  • Zelda/Shiek
  • Peach

Story CharactersEdit

  • Shiek
  • Peach
  • Star Fox
  • Fox's Arwing


Enemies during FightingEdit

  • Buckot
  • Feyesh
  • Greap
  • Mite
  • Primid
  • Puppit
  • Scope Primid

Enemy's WeaponsEdit

  • Halberd
  • Combo Cannon

First AppearancesEdit

  • Shiek


After the events of Battleship Halberd Interior, Shiek ignores Snake and comes out of the Cage Room. Peach follows her as they proceed to jump out of Halberd.

On the bridge, Shiek and Peach are watching as Halberd is battling Fox and his Arwing. After Fox destroys the Combo Cannon and nearly kills Peach, Shiek destroys the Arwing making Fox land on Halberd. Shiek and Fox engage in duel until Peach offers them tea to break the duel.

Preceded by: Battleship Halberd Interior

Succeeded by: Battleship Halberd Bridge


  • The player can play as Zelda instead of Sheik by using her Transform move.